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Mountain Spring

Mountain Spring

01.06. - 07.07.18
Mountain Spring

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Water - elixir of life and medicine ...

People of all ancient cultures have worshiped water as a sacred source of life, as an earth mother and life-giving principle.

Through a special process, water regains the vitality, energy and momentum that it has often lost.
Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. The vitalisation takes place by transferring information to the liquid.

The Grander Effect

By installing water vitalisation equipment to the mains supply, the water is vitalised throughout the entire system (drinking water, water for showering and bathing, cooking,...)

The amazing result is that the water acquires properties that are found in only very few waters:
it has a particularly high power of resistance, making it resistant to external influences.

The human soulis like water:
it comes from the heavens,
it ascends to the heavens,
and must return again to the earth,
ever changing.

Johann Wolfgang von Göthe