Frau Caroline Geisler
Kumbichl 877
A-6290 Mayrhofen
Tel.: 0043/(0)664/3857578
Mountain Spring

Mountain Spring

01.06. - 07.07.18
Mountain Spring

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In tune with nature ...

You'll find numerous hidden and secluded places in the idyllically landscaped garden where your can simply let your mind wander.

Pure relaxation

Whether it's by the pond, the summer house, the pergola with its barbeque area or on the sun terrace in one of the comfortable loungers. The "outer crust" that burdens our everyday life is discarded here; and senses such as sight, hearing, touch and smell are rekindled.

Cradled gently to sleep by the humming of the bees and babbling of the stream, surrounded by a sea of flowers - it sounds like a dream, but in the "Landhaus zur Kröllin" it will become reality.

Nothing happens in the visible heavens
that is not,
in a secrect moment,
felt by the powers
of the earth and nature.